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The course has boosted my presence, confidence and joy multifold! Highly recommend to anyone seeking to fulfil their highest potential in whichever field they are in.
Patricia Yeo

Elita. T

Senior Financial Consultant
Jill LaoShi is the real master in personal branding and imaging consultancy! Every class she taught is an insightful life lesson. Jill did the makeup for me before the HREA 2023 Award Gala, it turned out to be the best one I ever had, a perfect matching for my personal color and the event. Thank you for the blessing, Jill LaoShi!💜
Patricia Yeo

Janice Zhao

Senior Manager
I got to know Coach Jill as my late principal friend to Coach. Her charisma has always aspire me to be like her. I even drew her on my notes taken from classes during my secondary school days! I’ve finally ceased the chance to attend Coach’s class on 29 Apr 2021. She is a highly intelligent and influential Coach with a very real personality. She teaches what I NEED to know, not what is in the books only. Her dedication to guiding students makes her classes priceless. It’d be impossible to share what I’ve gained and am still gleaning. This wealth of wisdom has given me confidence in facing myself, accepting who I am and who I could become. What Coach teaches is more than the topics; this course has also given me friends and support in countless ways. The impact of this course on your life is not only what are listed in your topics, but also a sharp and brilliant mind who point out to you what you TRULY NEED to hear and could learn. As long as you are willing, #lifeChanging.
Patricia Yeo


Senior Executive
I am so thankful that our paths crossed. Jill is like the beacon of light for the ships in the sea – to spread the message of peace, love for one another, and also hope. Jill not only inspire women to do better, but you also empower them so that they could fish for live. Sometimes in life, we meet people who are meant to help better ourselves and guide us a long the way. Jill has taken extraordinary measures to make sure the women whom she met or meet with, would do something with their life positively. She is so selfless and caring. I’ve never met someone that cares so much for others. Jill is the wittiest person I’ve ever met, with the biggest heart.
Patricia Yeo

Patricia Yeo

Personal Assistant at Private Banking Sector
My husband and I had signed up SIGNATURE TALENT TRANSFORMATION course. Total got 8 modules. We highly recommended Jill Lowe’s course to anyone who is seeking for life transformation. Jill Lowe is a great mentor and her class is always fun & interesting. We discovered the significant impact of colours on our personal lifestyle and how our dressing colour theme influence decision-makers on our career advancement and relationships engagement. We had learned dining etiquette. Having a fine understanding of entertaining etiquette across diverse status, languages and cultures is absolutely an added advantage to connect to people successfully. Our favourite course is verbal and vocal course. It Build our conversational capabilities to overcome differences and achieve optimistic outcomes in our interactions with others. A strong personal brand identity is a value added for our business. Highly recommended!
Patricia Yeo

Wynn Neo

Founder and Creative Director
I joined the Talent Transformation programme with Jill after she consulted me on constructing my wardrobe of clothes earlier this year. I joined with the intention to learn more about amplifying my charisma and leadership beyond just clothes and dressing. And this course far exceed my expectation in many aspects. Charisma and Leadership requires a few critical ingredients such as vocal projection, verbal selection of words in conversations, etiquette at critical events such as a business meeting/function, choice of colours, accessories, behavioral traits (walking style, posture, eyes, arms, etc) and even the glow of your facial skin. All these makes a great deal of difference to my ability to convince, persuade, lead and influence decisions and a variety of other context in business and in personal life. What I really like is how Jill will keep emphasize to us is that what she taught us is very power, use it but dont abuse. I love the technical knowledge/applications as well as the morals she carried over to the programme. I have learnt a lot and even though I have graduated, the energy and knowledge of Jill continue to be imprinted in my mind and soul. I highly recommend anyone who wants to make a change to their lives, be it for work, business, social or personal, put your trust in Jill to help you transform. Cheers!
Patricia Yeo

Darren Ku

Founder and Business Director

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