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Our Career Advancement Mastery masterclasses kicked off on 11 Jan 2020 with an incredible bang, with some 200 participants having much fun and learning new knowledge to help advance their career, over 2 fun-filled sessions

Listening to Jill Lowe’s lively anecdotes and practical tips about personal image and branding from her 35 years’ track record is an incredibly enriching experience. She pointed out that having an outstanding personal image and brand not only affect the social side of life but has a powerful impact on your careers and businesses.

For example, from her experience as an image consultant to an international petroleum giant, she demonstrated that even top senior executives could benefit from developing a dynamic personal brand that can gain the trust and confidence of their business partners.

Jill guided everyone through the finer points of wearing the suitable colours for a positive impact, appearance and dressing styles, power of voice, verbal intelligence, understanding body language, business etiquette and more.

The packed crowd at the event was also treated to an amazing transformation – on volunteers from the audience – when Jill changed the way that they dressed, the colours they wore, the accessories they used, and the way they did their hair. You get to see this transformation with your own eyes, right in front of you!

The audience also learned how the power of voice and different communication styles can affect the responses you can get,

Put everything together, and you get a power-packed lesson in four hours on how you can embark on a positive life-changing journey. The question is, as a former Jill Lowe’s student who rose to the position of director at a large MNC said at the event, “Are you willing to take action?”

Jill Lowe’s masterclass on personal image and branding is an opportunity not to be missed. It is always interesting, informative and with a huge dose of fun. You will be amazed at how much you can learn.

If you have yet to attend one, watch out for our next masterclass. For more information on our FREE Career Advancement Mastery masterclasses go to https://jilllowe.com/my-career-advancement-mastery/