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Acne-Free and Scarless Skin with Micro Silver

  • Are you struggling or suffering from Acne problems?
  • Do you really want to solve it fast in an easy and affordable way?

You are about to discover the super-effective acne skin healing and blemishes eliminating serum which maximises the amazing effect of anti-acne properties from micro silver and azamide minerals.

Micro silver anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory powers

Micro silver in its natural form is pure silver minerals that gently settles your sensitive skin to act as a direct anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory agent on the skin surface to heal acne speedily. It guarantees the unique time release capability of soluble silver ions to activate cellular enzymes to terminate lesions of bacterial membranes to prevent scar causing possibility for acne skin.

Acne Recovery Concentrate serum

Micro silver, which provides the ideal solution to achieve an acne-free and scarless complexion, is an active ingredient in the innovative Acne Recovery Concentrate serum from Jill Lowe – a positive game-changing solution in acne treatment.

Specially-formulated in our ultra-modern laboratory in Singapore, the Acne Recovery Concentrate is developed for those with acne-prone skin conditions. It is also suitable for those living in hot, humid tropical climate with a fast-paced lifestyle and exposure to external pollutants. These conditions can easily add stresses to the skin leading to acne issues.

A skincare product made in Singapore, this anti-acne serum is manufactured under stringent quality control measures and certified to ISO Cosmetics GMP standards. The formulation contains a range of acne-annihilating components to boost the skin’s natural healing process for a rejuvenated, acne-free and scar-free complexion.

If you are looking for a solution to tighten pores, promote speedy healing and provide hydration as preventive actions to minimize sebum over-production and hence a greasy face, Acne Recovery Concentrate is the answer to your search. It is a light and refreshing serum that penetrates deeply to give you a fast healing action and soothing acne recovery treatment.

Azamide Magic

Another active ingredient is Azamide which acts a lightener and UV filter. Azamide also provides sebum-balancing for greasy skin and is widely used in cosmetic treatment of acne skins, sunscreens and lightening of skin. Other actives are Oleanolic and Nordihydroguaiaretic acids, and AHA concentrates which helps to unclog pores, smoothen skin, improve skin elasticity, and reduce inflammation.

Use the Acne Recovery Concentrate to clear your skin of acne and provide the nourishment your skin needs to have that smooth, rejuvenated and beautiful complexion.  A must have skincare product, if you truly want to get rid of all those annoying, painful acne and pimples

How to Use

To use the Acne Recovery Concentrate, apply a thin layer of the serum evenly on only acne-affected areas after washing and drying the face.  Use the serum twice a day (day and night) to experience a renewed acne-free and flawless skin.

Where to Buy

The Acne Recovery Concentrate is available from our Studio at 28 Seah St #04-01 or online at Shop