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Elaine, a Financial Advisory Manager with 4 years of MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table) from 2018 to 2021, told me that she heard about Jill Lowe Signature Talent Transformation Course from her friend Kristen, who is also in the life insurance industry from another company. “When I met Kristen that time, she had changed her appearance – there was no front-to-back contrast, but her dress and her outgoing personality was just so different, so eye-catching.” said Elaine, who said she then quickly signed up for the 10 module TT Course – without attending any preview event.

Of the 10 modules she completed, I asked her which class was her favourite? She said – “Everyone! but Colour and Verbal Intelligence stood out for me because personal strength is very important and the first impression is paramount when meeting customers”. Back in 2003 when she first entered the life insurance industry in 2003, she would only wear black, white, and blue – the safest colors she thought – cos blue also suited her well. It wasn’t until she took the classes that she discovered the Winter and Spring colors of pink, bright red, burgundy, and dark purple for herself. “So, when I mustered up the courage to try pink, a color I dared not wear before, it brought a different visual enjoyment to others; in particular, it leaves a brand-new feeling and a very fresh and comfortable atmosphere for my customers,” she said. Elaine told me that this is her most significant gain since she went for “Talent Transformation”. “Whether it is a client or a colleague, everyone’s impression and perception of me had also changed”, she said.

She encourages everyone to take Color & Style modules – because an external change can handle many root causes of many problems within, that can often then deal with many other details of life. “I am surprised that someone who is usually kind-hearted, can really look ‘unsmilingly’ difficult to get close to – all because of the wrong color clothes; ordinary people see me as serious, but they can only remind me to smile more, and speak slowly”, she said. “However, Jill says that color can really soften an overly serious look. And this is the first piece of the puzzle of life I found in the Signature Talent Transformation Course,” she added.

So what else is special about Jill Lowe’s courses? ” Well yes, there are many courses and coaches out there,” she said, “but what sets Jill Lowe apart is her passion and generosity in sharing her experiences. With more than 30 years of actual combat experience, Jill not only tells me exactly where I need to improve, but she also demonstrates it.”

“For example, I tend to talk too fast, sometimes too vigorously trying to get my point over that I don’t even know what I’m saying; People tell me to slow down and I know I should, but I still couldn’t change; it wasn’t until I saw Jill demonstrates in person, that I suddenly realized that once a person looks different, the words will turn out different as well, and with new intonation and speed; I also became more aware of the feelings of others thus making everyone more comfortable with each other during conversations”.

Last year, Elaine was officially promoted to become a Team Consultant and she began to lead and cultivate a team of 6 new colleagues. While busy nurturing new staff, she also has to manage time to attend classes, meet customers and meet the sales target. “My new confidence to complete the MDRT and the second COT(Court of the Table) in nine months – wow, that truly was admirable”, she declared. “As a senior, I have a great responsibility and whatever I learnt in Jill’s training room can be applied to team leadership as well; I wanted my newcomers to also discover how one’s clothing image can powerfully help build relationships with customers.”