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There are silent messages transmitted through our actions, our image and fashion choices, our vocal communications and our body language. Often these are expressed without our awareness.  Within a brief 5 seconds, these messages are interpreted by those around us and a perceived presence is formed in their mind.

Who we are is an extension of our nature as well as our constant interactions and shaping by our environment.  A famous social commentator, Will Rogers once said, “It takes a lifetime to build a good reputation, but you can lose it in a minute”. On the same note, it only takes a split second to extend a pleasing experience for others to remember you.  An individual has to seize the opportunity to advertise their talent and leave a lingering positive effect for others.  There are opportunities and techniques to manoeuvre these messages and emerge as a true leader with an influential presence.

We have reflex responses to our natural environment which changes with the various situations in our daily life.  Often, there are effects to these responses making one ponder for alternative solutions. The ‘if’ and ‘should have’ questions often lurk around.  Our reflex responses can be managed to enable the most suitable responses to various situations for the best results.  Our ability to present, convey, persuade and influence is vital for effective communication.  It is what we do in our every living moment.

Learning the Strategies of Presence Communications and its powerful influence will allow your true talent to be discovered.  A convincing, confident and trustworthy visual and vocal presence provides lasting advantages to your career and social life, and brings with it invaluable returns.

It is within one’s mindset and ability to decide the road map of their presence. Our presence is manageable and transformable to meet the demands of different occasions.

Strategies of Presence Communications are encapsulated in Jill Lowe’s complete range of Personal Courses which cover Signature Colour Transformation, Signature Style, Signature Accessories, Signature Presence, Signature Etiquette, Signature Profiling, Signature Voice, Signature Conversation, Signature make-up Beautiful and Suitable Skin Care

Incorporating 35 years of experience in personal branding, life and career coaching, these courses are specially-designed to help you develop these life skills and build valuable relationships in your business, professional career, social and family life.

Your presence is irreplaceable by others nor should it be overshadowed. This unique asset is entrusted to you to enrich your life journey.  It is the one capital asset that cannot be taken away, yet it is also often neglected. You decide what your presence is and that will influence your entire future.

Learn how to capitalise on your influential presence and let it support your path towards greater career aspirations and personal excellence!

For more information on our Personal Transformation training courses, go to https://jilllowe.com/courses/signature-personal-transformation/

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